Paleo Rosemary & Garlic Chicken Wings!

A quick one today:  this recipe by popular demand! For a recent party, I threw together some baked chicken wings. These things came out so tasty, even I was shocked! Although really, should I be shocked that chicken wings tossed in bacon fat & baked are delicious?? Hardly! I wish I’d gotten a better picture of how they came out [...]

Paleo Chicken Wings Paleo Chicken Wings

Paleo on the Road #1

(N.B. Brent wrote this back in November) So let’s give you some background.  I’ve been doing Crossfit-style workouts 5 days a week for 6 months, and have gone Paleo for 2. I just got a job as a traveling consultant, and I’ve been scared to death that my “per diem” was going to take my diet and send it to [...]

Dinosaur__Caveman_057911 Dinosaur__Caveman_057911

Potables + Edibles is not dead!

Happy New Year! It sure has been a while. 2011 was a crazy year, having more ups and downs than most of the years before it. As far as beer goes, we made some great beers, attended our first National Homebrewers Conference in San Diego, and settled on plans to move to Adelaide, Australia to open our brewpub in a [...]

2012-1 2012-1

Big Brew Day: food made with beer!

This year Big Brew Day fell on Brent’s scheduled weekend to brew; this was good for two reasons! 1. Brent was the one running around the house trying to brew while 20 friends were hanging out on the patio & in the backyard, and 2. I got to get in the kitchen and turn out some great beer-themed food! I [...]

BeerCook.com_Spicy_Beer_Brined_Chicken_Sauce BeerCook.com_Spicy_Beer_Brined_Chicken_Sauce

Beer geekery: bicycle accessories for the beer lover!

There is so much in the way of beer geekery and gadgetry out there, I feel like i have to share this stuff I stumble on! And it’s just getting wasted on my Facebook page; time to make productive blog posts about the creative, beer-related stuff out there! Call me a hipster if you want, but I love my bicycle. Bicycles [...]

Beer geekery: bicycle accessories for the beer lover! Beer geekery: bicycle accessories for the beer lover!
Fuggled International Homebrew Project 2011: brewday recap
14 hours after pitching...happy yeasties!

Last weekend I participate in Fuggled’s International Homebrew Project; aimed to get some hombrewer’s together around the world to pick a recipe, brew it and then blog about it This year’s recipe was a remake of a 1933 Barclay Perkins Milk Stout. Frankly, before this came up, I’d never heard of it; shameful to be sure! Kristen England from the BJCP [...]

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Homebrew: Wild “Yeast” Experiment
Wild Yeast Experiment batch #2 krausen

Those of you who follow me on Twitter have had your ears bent about this topic quite a bit lately, but it’s so exciting I just have to share it, you know?!? I’ve been slowly (veeeerrrryy slowly) chugging my way through Chris White & Jamil Zainasheff’s book “Yeast” recently; it’s fascinating stuff, and has inspired me to try my hand at [...]

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Brew Review: Bolero Snort Brewery
Bolero Snort Brewery Wee Heifer Fruitcake

I expanded my world a lot in 2010. After starting this blog, I went back to my dormant Twitter account, and really started trying to connect with people as passionate about beer, wine & food as I am; it wasn’t hard. I barely had to swing a cat and I found hundreds of people who felt like I did! Twitter [...]

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South Florida’s newest brewery opens its doors! Tequesta Brewing Co.
Tequesta Brewing Co. Logo

It’s been a long time coming, and last night the Tequesta Brewing Co. finally opened its doors to the public for a “soft” opening. I use the term soft very loosely because as you can see below, this was probably the most packed soft opening I’ve seen in my life! As I wrote about in July the Corner Cafe and Brewery [...]

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New Years Resolutions…for posterity’s sake.
IPD 664

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions. In the past I’ve made them in order to hold myself accountable to do specific things; get my drivers license, lose 20 lbs…blah, blah, blah. Never works. I didn’t get my drivers licence till I was 27 (10 failed resolutions later) and I go up and down those 20lbs based on what exciting [...]

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Brew Recipe: Spent grain bread
Spent grain loaf complete

My compost worms no longer love me. It’s sad, but true. The main diet that my happy little compost worms lived on up till recently was spent grain (the leftover grain from brewing day); that was until I finally decided to try my hand at making my own bread from it, instead of feeding it to the hungry, hungry wormies. [...]

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Recipes: Holiday Wrap-up
Turkey after initial 30 minutes at 500 degrees

I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for my Christmas Eve dinner. It’s true, that I’m usually a pretty darn good cook, but for these big holiday dinners or family get togethers I’m usually planning the menu a month in advance and swapping and changing out dishes until everything looks just right. This time, I was feeling procrastinatory (no [...]

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Guest post: DailyBeerReview’s Christmas Pork Roast
Christmas Pork Roast After

I love when my friends out in the twitterverse get in contact to let me know they are working on a recipe they’re really proud of ; it’s even better when they are interested in having me post it for them! My friend Rob over at DailyBeerReview writes – if you couldn’t tell by the name – daily beer reviews, so food [...]

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Christmas Eve Menu!
Fresh, local corn from Bedner's Farm Fresh Market, Boynton Beach, FL

As most of you that read this blog are well aware, my family are not here in the USA, they are at home in Australia. This often leads me to a huge bout of homesickness at Christmas. Usually Brent and I keep a low profile on Christmas day, mostly joining the Jewish folk of South Florida at the movies, or [...]

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Shvitzing Matilda: On the Road, Volume #5
#FlaBrew loves Dogfish Head Craft Brewery!

Life has been crazy this past month (thanksgiving, finals, surgery etc….), and I failed to complete our DC/DE trip update… I’m sorry! I’ll pick up where I left off; Delaware! I think this picture pretty well sums up what a great trip we’re having at this point : I was definitely a little wary dragging my parents out to Delaware [...]

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